Those brave enough to seek weird will thrive.

Seth Godin is the business/marketing author.  He has a book called ‘We are all Weird.’

It is about how the age of mass production is over.  30 years ago people had to buy what the store near their house stocked.  Everything was mass produced if you didn’t make it yourself.

His main point is that now with the internet and the ability to connect with anyone in the world we can find the people who are weird like us.  We can buy things that are exactly what we want, not just the closest thing Walmart has on its shelves.  He talks about how this creates an opportunity for us to high quality products for a small group of weird people – the factories won’t waste their time with something so weird and the weird people will value our understanding of their tastes.


So as I saw a relative’s Halloween decorations and thought of this.  She has plastic tombstones and rubber limbs scattered across the front yard.  She has cotton spiderwebs hanging from the trees.  They are just all the stuff that the store carries.  Can she be blamed for that? Probably to some point.  But that’s just what the last couple generations have done.

We on the other hand can be pickier.  We can turn our nose up at cheap mass produced decorations and either make our own or find someone with tastes like us and give them our money.

 Like these made by my wife:


Am I wrong?

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