Another Drip

I need to write something today.  That’s how the drip method works.  If I allow myself to stop one day what is to say that I will have something to say the next time I need it.

Seth Godin taught me this both by word and example.  If he can write a blog post every day for seven years, I can follow suit.  I can write enough to become a better writer and make use of the many things I’ve consumed.

Today I heard someone on the radio promoting their book.  It was a reflective book of how they had accomplished so much, or something like that.  I realized that most authors fit into that category.  Like I’m not sure anyone would buy Elizabeth’s Smarts autobiography if she hadn’t experienced her terrible kidnapping.  In these cases the author is already qualified.

The rarer case is more impressive.  It is much less likely to involve a ghost writer and requires the author to merit every sale made.  The author doesn’t get sensational news coverage, or have a IMDB profile to catapult their work to the masses.  The authors success is wholly dependent on their art.

Maybe I’m not justified in thinking the second route is more noble, but my qualifications suggests it is the only route for me.

Am I wrong?

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