The best gifts can only be given after you know someone.

Geoff said his family used to have one fork they lovingly called ‘flat fork’.   It was special and they celebrated using it when it sat next to their plate.

So my wife came up with the idea that we could flatten a fork and spoon and add a knife to it for a birthday present.

It was free, right out of our drawer.  We ran them over with the car a few times and wrapped them up.

the wife.

Can men stop using referring to their spouse as ‘the wife’?

Things that are okay to use the definite article of speech for:

the dog

the yard

the cabin

Calling her ‘the wife’ reduces her to an object.  Use her name, or call her ‘my wife’.

Eggshells in the Garbage Disposal

It doesn’t make sense to me – they’ve always gone in the trash.

I’ve taken a class in water treatment but eggshells never came up.  I’m not sure how far they make it down the sewage.  I assume they sink and  become part of the sediment.

Regardless of where they go, eggshells in the garbage disposal is a small annoyance. To me.

It is however, unlikely they’re causing any problems.

I can get so caught up on style – mow the lawn around the edges first or leave those adjectives out of that sentence – that I ignore the results.  And usually the results are equally good.



The Writer’s Itch


A blog post is be to be heard, or to speak so that someone might listen, or just to get it out.

An essay is either because someone assigned it or because brevity overruled.

A manifesto is to declare something and embolden a movement.

A memo is so coworkers stop leaving the lights on.

A memoir is to immortalize memories before they fade.  It can lay a foundation for empathy.

A novel is to let others into explore an imagined world.

A press release is for attention.

A product review is for a paycheck.

A scrawling in cement is to leave a mark.


The author’s motive should always be questioned.